The first 90 days for the new Chief Audit Executive

Todd helped me to develop my 90 day plan and supported me in my first 12 months.

With this help I avoided a lot of dead ends, shaved 6 months off implementation, made the right first impressions and saved a lot of money along the way.”

Chief Auditor, ASX 20 company (first role as a CAE, now an experienced respected serial-CAE)

The modern chief auditor

Today’s Chief Assurance Executives (also known as Chief Audit Officers, CAEs or Heads of Internal Audit) must be able to hold their own with Australia’s leading directors and executives.

They must be able to partner with the CEO and CFO while also holding them to account. They need to build bridges with them and the business at the same time that will be necessary for securing mandate, but also to fall back on when things get challenging down the line.

The first 90 days

During your first 90 days as a new Chief Audit Executive there will be many moments of truth for your function’s brand and for you personally.

It is a time to be firm in conviction and in purpose, while also building consensus.

The first 90 days often makes the difference between a Chief Auditor being successful or not.

Free resources for new audit leaders

Todd Davies & Associates was established in 2007 to support Chief Auditors to lead effectively. While we’ve broadened in the last 10+ years, this remains our underlying anchor, ethos and reason for being.

As an Audit and Risk Committee chair, former Chief Auditor and coach and mentor to some of the region’s most progressive Chief Auditors, we know the challenges of these roles and the importance of getting them right.

As part of our public outreach, we provide a number of resources to help you on your way in your next chief auditor role:

  1. Our chief auditor white paper
  2. A series of short-sharp reminders at the 30, 90 and 180 day marks to remind you of key milestones
  3. Our critically acclaimed quarterly bulletin – The Davies Report which shares some of the things we’re seeing and provocations to lead effectively.

These are currently all free of charge.

The white paper

Now in it’s second edition, this 17 page document is full of advice from interview prep right through various 90 day cycles and three year plans. It covers:

  • The Modern Chief Assurance Officer
  • Tips on role fit and mandate shaping during the recruitment process
  • Different strategies for different profiles of new CAEs
  • Key thinking in the first 30, 90 days, and before setting foot in the office for the first time
  • Why the second and third trimesters are so critical and what to be thinking about
  • Thoughts about vision, scorecard, capabilities, roadmaps and stakeholders
  • Strategies and ways we can help

Our ask

These resources take focus and time to produce and are all free of charge. But there is an ask in return. It is this.

Have a good look through them to get to know us better and think about whether we can help you. And if we can, let us know.

That’s it. If that’s right for you fill the form below and we’ll get all three resources across to you.

And if you need support, or just would like to get to know us or talk things through, please feel free to book a time via the website.

We look forward to supporting you in this most important of roles.

Go well

Todd Davies