Guest speaker and facilitator

Todd Davies is a highly sought-after speaker, panellist, and facilitator who stimulates new thinking, and discussion, creating energy for action with practical and pragmatic ways forward.

Drawing across extensive research and ongoing work across a range of industries, he helps teams to see new things, new connections with a particular focus on the future, what’s possible, what’s necessary and practical next steps.

Consider Todd for your next team meeting, training day or offsite.

What we love talking about right now

  • What is the purpose of this risk management team anyway? (What do you need to be great at)
  • Black swans, grey rhinos and the world of complexity. How to see them and get out in front.
  • Emerging risk, strategic risk and business model disruption. Why your risk focus must address being well-positioned and being well run.
  • What the Royal Commissions say about us and what we must do about it.
  • Best practice in risk / internal audit – why most maturity models generate mediocrity and how we approach things instead.
  • How to be a sophisticated sponsor and get what you need from risk and audit
  • Why your internal audit methodology and reporting probably stinks and what to do about it
  • 42 and the meaning of great risk reporting
  • Good governance – the good, bad and ugly of audit and risk committees.
  • Agile auditing. Why everyone is doing it wrong and what to do instead.

We have well-tested content on all of these topics, grounded in practical application and take-aways.

What people say:

“Net promoter scores of 9s and 10s. We never get those.” Australian Institute of Company Directors

“Excellent – the best session I have attended today. Only wish it had been a double session!”   SOPAC – Asia Pacific’s leading internal audit conference

“He did an excellent job of outlining ways to identify and prepare for Black Swans and suggested a practical framework to help remove some of your organization’s blind spots.  I was so impressed by his thought-provoking comments that I mentioned him and his presentation during my keynote address.” Global Chairman, Institute of Internal Auditors

Great wealth of knowledge.” Australian National Public Sector Governance Forum 

Pricing and how to book:

Our pricing is commensurate with the level of preparation and the duration and intensity of the sessions.

  • $: Tailored – lunch and learn and team sessions by Zoom or in-person based on existing topics and presentations (90 minutes max).
  • $$: Workshops and masterclasses using existing material and minimal preparation (2-3 hours).
  • $$$: New material.

To book us or get indicative pricing please let us know what you’re wanting to achieve via the contact us page. Please let us know your audience and budget so we can assess best options.

Presentation archives:


  • The Value of GRC: A boardroom perspective | CAMMS College | Register
  • End of day wrap | Inaugural Audit & Risk Committee Forum | AICD / SOPAC 
  • The Convergence of Governance, Risk and Compliance | Chartered Secretaries Annual Corporate Update 
  • Working Effectively with Audit Committees | Private session with a mid-tier accounting firm
  • Building a Good Audit Committee | SOPAC – IIA’s premier regional conference for Australia, South Pacific & Asia (with Jon Isaacs – prominent Audit Committee Chair)
  • ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Revised Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations | Institute of Internal Auditors Canberra Chapter
  • Audit Committees – Public vs Private Sector | Asia Pacific Public Sector Forum panel, Canberra

Risk and strategy

  • How to measure CRO effectiveness | Centre for Risk Management and Sustainability – Summary here
  • Risk management and risk leadership | Interactive workshop for Behind Closed Doors mentoring group
  • Risk and Governance implications of COVID and beyond | Semi daily LinkedIn risk briefings from March through May 2020 | Watch here
  • Reputation – the greatest asset and risk of all | Australian Institute of Company Directors | Presentation summary and webinar replay
  • Risk Oversight for Not for Profits | Australian Institute of Company Directors | Overview and webinar replay
  • Managing Risk in a Changing Environment | Private session
  • Market trends / Outcompeting the competition | Private strategy session with a prominent risk solutions provider
  • Strategic risk | National 1/2 day training course + in-house training for a Big 4 bank
  • Horizon auditing – Scenario planning for Black Swans | IIA Asia Pacific Conference (SOPAC) 
  • Risk Leadership | Private session with the executive team of an ASX 100 company
  • Risk and Responsibility | Association of Heads of Australian University Colleges and Halls (AHAUCHI) national congress – now University Colleges Australia | Pre-conference interview here
  • Understanding Strategic Risk | National masterclass series – IIA-Australia
  • Business Model Innovation | Australia Beyond Broadband Panel
  • The Real Risks of Business as Usual | WA Water Strategy & Climate Change Resilient Futures Strategy Forum
  • Smashing Open the Addiction to Business as Usual | Bryant University / Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce (USA)
  • New global risk standard – ISO 31000 | Interview on the new global standard | YouTube series
  • Futurecasting | Mega trends for forecasting, strategy and risk in a rapidly changing world – ACL user’s forum
  • The Black Swan Myth Debunked | Corporate Risk Management – Strategic Resilience for Emerging Risks | Sydney

Assurance and internal audit

  • Agile Auditing – from theory to practice | In-house session | Presentation summary and highlights
  • How Internal Audit adds value during COVID | Interview with Richard Chambers, Global President and CEO of the Institute of Internal Auditors | Public video interviews
  • Audit 2030: A retrospective look from the future | CPA Congress 2015
  • Strategy partner – Internal audit’s role in delivering organisational strategy | SOPAC 
  • Audit Committee expectations of internal audit | Report out from the sixth annual stakeholder expectations survey | SOPAC 2014 | Webinar replay (registration required)
  • Best practices in public sector internal audit, audit committees and risk management | IIA Asia Pacific Conference (SOPAC)
  • Providing Internal Audit Opinions | National masterclass & webinar series – IIA-Australia
  • Audit Opinions – Part of the process or optional extra | AICD National Public Sector Conference
  • Internal audit as a change agent | ICAA Business forum Victoria (CPE week, Melbourne)
  • Fundamental change in the Audit Profession… Where is it going, how will it affect you and what do you need to do about it? | NSW Internal Audit congresses, Sydney, Penrith (IIA)