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Since 2007 Todd Davies & Associates has helped develop, implement and showcase world’s best practice in governance, risk and assurance with some of Australia’s best known organsations and brands.

Working with around 20 organisations every year – from significant NFPs through to multibillion dollar organisations we know what works and how to make it work at your place.

How we work

More than ever governance must be clear, fit for purpose, uncluttered and effective.

Our delivery mode is built around your needs and teams, ranging from coach, advisor and facilitator through to rolling up the sleeves as an implementation partner.

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What could a more effective board and committee relationship do for your organisation?

We specialise in the interface between the board, audit & risk committees and management.

Working from the perspective of the board we understand what’s required, how to frame discussions, how to present information, and how to manage boardroom dynamics.

Talk to us to take your governance effectiveness to the next level.

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Risk strategy

Do you understand what’s coming and are you well positioned and well prepared when it arrives?

People turn to us when they want to better understand what's coming and to turn risks into strategic opportunities.

We do this through one off briefings and through building ongoing risk capability.

Talk to us to understand emerging risks and opportunities and take your risk discussions to the next level.

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Risk assurance

Is your risk assurance approach hitting the mark?

Todd Davies is one of Australia's most respected leaders in risk and assurance and has been shaping world's best practice for more than 20 years.

Achieving fit for purpose risk and assurance that is up to today's challenges is at the heart of everything we do.

Talk to us to find out if your approach is contemporary, up to the task and not just going through the motions.

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