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As an advisor and sounding board

Todd is, in my opinion, one of the pre-eminent global thought leaders on internal audit, risk management and corporate governance.
Global Fortune 300 Chief Auditor

Todd fundamentally and positively improved the internal audit function and – by extension – the control environment of one of the largest mining companies in the world.

Todd’s greatest skills lie in taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. He engages the unengaged. He inspires the uninspired.

If you are seeking someone that will fundamentally and positively transform your risk, audit and governance processes and functions I can think of no better person than Todd .
Global Head of Corporate Assurance, Rio Tinto

Still, to this day, and when facing difficult situations, I find myself asking, “I wonder what Todd would say?”, “what would he do?” It’s not often that you get to work with somebody who has had such a profound impact on you. I thank Todd for his leadership, his wise counsel, and his passion for making others successful – a true inspiration and somebody I will talk about to others for the rest of my career!  
Head of purchasing, global multinational

I learn something every time we talk. 
Chief Operating Officer, Major hospital network

I have found Todd to be technically very sound and a person of high integrity. I found every interaction with Todd to be beneficial from the point of view of new perspectives and ideas.
Regional head of Audit, Major global bank

Todd provided me with solid advice when I was developing a new Internal Audit strategy, methodologies, and quality assurance programmes. 

Todd’s expertise is deeply ingrained in the processes that Internal Audit function now undertakes. His valuable, professional and diligent contribution was welcomed by new Internal Audit team, and he is highlyrespected
Transformation director, ASX 50 company

As a non-executive

He has a wonderful ability to ask deep and strategic questions to ensure the organisation was as effective and innovative as possible. If you want to make your organisation great, get Todd on your board!

Todd is a top-shelf director who combines deep insight, amazing networks and compelling narrative to drive organisational performance.
Board Director, ACF

Your contribution over the 8 years has been phenomenal! I know as I was there for most of it. I learned so much from you and I think the organisation is in a better place largely due to you keeping us on the straight and narrow but with a practical and commercial approach.
Chief Financial Officer, NSW Cancer Pillar

The Board is most appreciative of the wise and energetic guidance you have given.
Board of Directors, NSW Cancer Pillar

As a contributor to global best practice 

Todd is a thought leader with deep insights into the professional practice of internal auditing. I have great respect for him as a person and a professional. When Todd moves on from his position with the IIA Australia, it will be a loss not only for Australia but the global profession. He adds a lot. 
Norman Marks, Global thought leader

I had a chance to collaborate with Todd and to benefit greatly from his thought leadership for the internal audit profession. His work specifically in Australia now resonates on a much larger scale and inspires internal audit thought leaders globally. I am blessed to have Todd among my connections and I wish many will have the chance to work with this highly respected professional. 
Vice President, Internal Audit, Nordstrom + Uber, Global VP IIA Professional practices

I sat on the ASX Corporate Governance Council with Todd for six years. He was always extremely committed, enthusiastic, totally across his area of expertise and, most importantly on such a serious forum, fun
GM, Policy & General Council, AICD

Todd is extremely insightful on risk, assurance, and governance topics.
Global Chair Professional Practices Council – IIA, Chief Auditor Global Fortune 50 company

Todd represents the rare breed of advisor that routinely questions the current status quo and continues to search and help clients search for more effective approaches to risk and assurance management. 

Tim Leech, global co-founder of Control Self Assessment 

On emerging risk

He did an excellent job of outlining ways to identify and prepare for Black Swans and suggested a practical framework to help remove some of your organization’s blind spots. I was so impressed by his thought provoking comments that I mentioned him and his presentation during my keynote address. 
Global Chairman, IIA, Chief Auditor US Fortune 250 company

These are just a small handful of some of the testimonials for our work. For more testimonials and longer form on some of the above, please go to Todd’s LinkedIn page on the bottom right of this page.