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Are you getting exceptional leaders? You should be.

If you’ve hit this page it’s possibly because you’re looking for a new leader for your audit and risk function. Perhaps you haven’t been able to grow the next generation of leaders. This is common and something we’re passionate about addressing.

Like other forms of leadership, leadership of risk and assurance functions requires a different skillset and focus from delivery, management or oversight. While a safe set of hands is essential, modern companies should insist on much more than this. The leader’s primary focus is future oriented, performance driven and systemic in its approach to capability building and transformation. Breakthrough thinking is required.

Will traditional search and recruitment get you there?

Genuine leaders in this area are hard to find – particularly strategic commercial audit leaders, and progressive chief risk officers. They are rare, but they do exist.

Because placement of these roles happens infrequently, generalist search firms tend to only touch those roles every few years. There is often a lack of precision in their understanding of what is required, and this is often shaped by prior expectations and big assumptions.

In the absence of being able to tackle this strategically, the default mode is to hire someone doing a “similar role” elsewhere. This can result in templating and bringing in old practices and missing the opportunity for breakthroughs.

Our advice? Tread carefully if you’re going down this path. Only do what you’ve done before if you want to get what you’ve always got.

How we can help

At TDA we are focused on the emerging discipline of risk leadership.

Our core business is getting to know and work with the best audit and risk leaders in the country and growing and developing the next generation of leaders.

We can help in three ways:

  1. Shaping: If you are thinking about hiring, let us help you early to understand what’s possible and shape the brief.
  2. Tapping the market: If you’re about to start hiring, let us supplement your recruiting through promotion to and recommendations from our network or a more active search process.
  3. Development: If you’re thinking about a lateral hire or want to grow your next leaders, let us shape a development program around them that sets them up for success and to master the brief.

If this is of interest, please get in touch to schedule a 15 minute exploratory conversation.

FAQs – Executive Search and Leadership Development

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