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Hi Todd, I’ve taken the time to read your report thoroughly. You write exceedingly well. Content is pertinent, thought-provoking, novel and of inestimable value. I really like the fact that you don’t regurgitate the flavour of the month commentary but put your comments through the lens of an independent-thinking, experienced eye. A really useful newsletter. 

Unsolicited comment from a well respected and highly experienced ARC and company Chairman 

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It gives a window into our deeper thinking normally reserved for our clients during our work with them, including reflections on the work we have done with leading companies in recent times. 

It is incredibly well received, especially by well respected leaders and commentators in Australia and abroad and by people we respect greatly – experienced chairs, CROs, chief auditors, global heads, global thought leaders, reguators, auditors’ general, and other change agents… our tribe. It’s even received international recognition.

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