Our focus areas and how we can help

Since 2007 Todd Davies and Associates has helped to define and implement world’s best practice in governance risk and assurance. Our focus areas are:

  • Leading practice in risk and assurance.
  • Emerging and strategic risk.
  • Audit/Risk Committee & executive interface.
  • CAE & CRO coaching, mentoring and transformation support.

Here’s a few thoughts on how we can help.

Boards, committees, effective governance

Audit and risk committee best practice

There is a specific art to leading and coordinating the business of audit and risk committees.

We have deep, well-practised expertise in what’s required by audit and risk committees and boards and how to make those environments work effectively.

Are your audit and committees doing what’s required in a way that is harmonious with your organisation?

What could a more productive board/committee relationship do for your organisation?

We can help. Find out more.

Emerging and strategic risk

We are in an accelerated era of change where things are moving quickly in unprecedented ways. Anticipation, positioning and response is everything.

Emerging risks are different from other risks and require their own process and way of thinking about them. Our approach embraces complexity theory and whole systems approaches, with a focus on knowing what’s coming and when to pay attention.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes use us to help confirm that they are focused on the right risks and to drive engagement.

Are you focused on the risks that really matter or just the ones that are already top of mind? And are you ready for when they come?

We can help. Find out more.

Board workshops

The nature of our work naturally leads to bigger conversations.

Organisations use us for a range of board and strategy workshops that are well anchored in strategic risk and opportunity, risk appetite and the frameworks of effective boards.

Is your direction clear and matched for the challenges and opportunities that are coming your way?

To find out more, book a time for an exploratory conversation.

Governance, risk and assurance design and advice

Todd Davies & Associates specialises in best practice in risk and assurance.

If your risk and assurance processes, teams or your governance interfaces and dynamics aren’t working as they should this is where we shine.

Is your approach contemporary and delivering what’s required?

Risk excellence

Risk lessons are portable. Templates less so.

Making risk management is an art, which is why great risk management is so rare.

There is a big difference between having led risk or audit management in a mature organisation and making it sing in a new organisation.

From the smallest interventions to the biggest transformations, leaders get us in to work out what’s required, how to prioritise and how to make it stick. We can also help with implementation.

Is your approach contemporary and delivering what’s required? Is it maturing quickly enough? If not we can help.

Find out more.

Assurance transformation and best practice

We have led and supported service innovation in this segment nationally and internationally for more than 20 years.

If you want your offers and services to absolutely hit the mark we can help.

Team design and strategic sourcing

If there’s a great team or practice in assurance in Australia then our fingerprints are probably on it in some way. We can help you take things to the next level.

This includes smart decisions about using external service providers.

Are your function design, team structures and service provider relationships optimised?

Find out more.

Troubleshooting your governance risk and assurance

Are your governance, risk and assurance functions delivering consistency in challenging times? And meeting stakeholder needs each and every time?

If not, there is no time for complacency. We quickly can help work out what’s holding things back to make the necessary interventions to drive massive lifts in engagement and performance. Book an exploratory conversation.

Leading effectively

Ultimately the key to any of the above is great leadership. We work to help find and grow great risk and assurance leaders in several ways.

Coaching, mentoring and sounding board

We are proud to have coached and mentored chief auditors and chief risk officers for Australia’s best-known companies as well as further afield.

  • New leaders use us to hone their craft and lead effectively.
  • Experienced operators use us to stay sharp and test their thinking on an episodic or programmic basis.

What could you achieve with a more effective leader of your audit and risk functions?

Find out more.

Leadership talent – permanent, interim and executive roles

Do you need some strategic firepower to help lead your team on an interim basis?

Or perhaps filling a Chief Auditor, Chief Risk Officer role on a permanent, interim or part-time basis.

We can help you with structure, options and finding the talent to fill those roles to a high standard.

What could you achieve with the right person leading your risk and assurance efforts?

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Non-executive roles

Clear experienced leadership is essential. With 20+ governance roles under his belt across a range of sectors and stages and $20b+ annual spend under governance, Todd Davies is a highly experienced independent director and audit and risk committee chair, focused on our areas of focus including disruptive innovation, tech, sustainability and ESG.

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