Chief Auditor and CRO Coaching and Mentoring

“Thanks for today, I always get so much out of our sessions.”  Head of Audit & Risk for an ASX 20 Company

“I found every interaction with Todd to be beneficial from the point of view of new perspectives and ideas.” CRO, Major Wealth Management Company  

“I learn something every time we meet.”  Regular comment from experienced health executives and Audit Committee Chairs

What we do

Todd Davies supports Chief Auditors and Chief Risk Officers of Australia’s best known organisations through structured coaching and mentoring programs.

Using a defined program with regular check-state and feedback we work with our clients to: 

  • Refine their goals 
  • Prioritise and set clear pathways for success 
  • Access the most relevant techniques and lessons learned
  • Take a proactive approach to managing stakeholders
  • Act as a sounding board during implementation.

Through structured, regular sessions we can support your Chief Auditor and Chief Risk Officers in a timely and cost-effective way to work through the issues of the day, to achieve focus and to iron out the kinks in implementation.  

Our clients achieve increased effectiveness, increased buy-in, less push back, greater relevance, confidence and executive presence and boardroom cut through as a result.

We also do structured programs for heads of audit for large teams (typically ASX 20 companies) and can generally structure things to suit. 

An example of what we do – the Audit / Risk Committee chat

Before meeting with their Audit Committee Chair and presenting to the Audit Committee, some CAEs will have a trial run with Todd.

Todd will run through their pack, stress test it and ask the difficult questions ahead of the meeting as part of their preparation.  He’ll also give advice on what the audit committee members are probably thinking about, and what their angle is on the papers presented, as well as what they need to cover off from a board perspective in addition to their specific audit committee remit.

Briefing and debriefing afterwards also allows discussion of some of the subtle cues given by the directors, and for the new Chief Auditors to handle themselves in a manner far beyond their years.

Why Todd Davies & Associates

Simply speaking, Todd Davies has been there, done that, bringing together three key perspectives:

  1. Established and led the Audit & Risk functions for Fairfax Media – one of the case studies of best practice in Australia 
  2. Great understanding from the other side: As a young non-executive director and Audit & Risk Committee Chair, we know what NEDs are thinking about 
  3. Nearly 20 years pushing the boundaries on what’s possible in assurance with one of the largest precedent libraries and audit leadership networks in the market.

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Please get in touch

Our mission is to advance the performance of risk and assurance in Australia. If you are responsible for leading these functions and want to take things to the next level, please get in touch or review our frequently asked questions below.

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