Coaching and mentoring for risk and assurance leaders

“Thanks for today, I always get so much out of our sessions.”  Head of Audit & Risk for an ASX 20 Company

“I found every interaction with Todd to be beneficial from the point of view of new perspectives and ideas.” Chief Risk Officer, Major Wealth Management Company  

“I learn something every time we talk.”  Regular comment from experienced senior executives and Audit and Risk Committee Chairs

What we do

Todd Davies supports Chief Auditors and Chief Risk Officers of Australia’s best known organisations through structured coaching and mentoring programs.

Using a defined program with regular check-state and feedback we work with our clients to: 

  • Understand their baseline
  • Refine their goals 
  • Prioritise and set clear pathways for success 
  • Access the most relevant techniques and lessons learned
  • Take a proactive approach to managing stakeholders
  • Act as a sounding board during implementation.

Through structured, regular sessions we can support your Chief Auditor and Chief Risk Officers in a timely and cost-effective way to work through the issues of the day, to achieve focus and to iron out the kinks in implementation.  

Our clients achieve increased effectiveness, increased buy-in, less push back, greater relevance, confidence and executive presence and boardroom cut through as a result.

Most are promoted or have increased executive influence within a short time after working with us. This has included some of Australia’s leading female Chief Auditor and Chief Risk Officers at ASX 50 companies.

We also do structured programs for the next generation of leaders and can generally structure things to suit. 

Where we fit.

We see four segments in this space.

It’s important to understand the different roles that they play – all of which are valid.

  • Thprofessional coach focuses you as a person, often tapping into a range of psych models, self-awareness and deep self-reflection. They contribute in a significant way without needing a record of achievement in your chosen career path. They are foundational, and good ones stay with you for life. Choose wisely.
  • The coach-mentor is someone you respect professionally and has travelled a path that is relevant to your own. Great mentors have had breakthrough success that involved struggle and risk. They are not people who just got lucky. You are likely to follow aspects of their path, so make sure they are someone you admire greatly and will learn a lot from. 
  • The sponsor is someone with professional standing who is prepared to use their reputation and network to help open doors. In selecting sponsors, go for those with the best reputation and highest quality networks, but expect them to guard this carefully. Expect to put in the long haul to earn their respect. Also expect access to be commensurate with the value of their time. There are no short cuts here.
  • The vocational coach mentor is someone who’s focus is on helping you to be the best you can be in your chosen field. They embody all of the above and are committed to you and your craft. They can and should deep dive on any topic and help you get clarity with the real-world complexity in your role. This is where we sit.

Who we work with

Todd works with chief auditors, chief risk officers and audit and risk committee members.

Our work ranges from:

  • New to role, and wanting to master their craft
  • Experienced in role and looking for the next breakthrough
  • Experienced in role and wanting to stay at the top of their game
  • Experienced in role and wanting to check their thinking.

Examples of what we do

Most of our conversations are grounded in real world challenges that our clients are dealing with at that point of time.

The Audit / Risk Committee chat

Before meeting with their Audit Committee Chair and presenting to the Audit Committee, some CAEs will have a trial run with Todd.

Todd will run through their pack, stress test it and ask the difficult questions ahead of the meeting as part of their preparation.  He’ll also give advice on what the committee members are probably thinking about, and what their angle is on the papers presented, as well as what they need to cover off from a board perspective in addition to their specific audit committee remit.

Briefing and debriefing afterwards also allows discussion of some of the subtle cues given by the directors, and for the new Chief Auditors to handle themselves in a manner far beyond their years.

The accidental/new CAE, CRO or ARC member or chair

When people are new to these roles they’ll often do a crash course with us to understand what’s required of them and hit the ground running.

The comprehensive review

We also use our ARC pack review deep dives to see the full breadth of the work product for the year as a specific and highly accountable coaching method, grounded in tangible specifics and fine detail where required.

The turbo charge

Sometimes people just need a short burst of help to sizzle to the steak, get clarity or breakthrough on a challenge. We do lots of these.

The slingshot

You’ve heard the old saying – what got you here won’t get you there. We work with executives who are stuck to have great breakthoughs that are long lasting. (Most often we switch between turbo boost and slingshot from session to session).

Bespoke and fun

We’ve even been known to put programs together of mock committee meetings – training executives on how to prepare before putting them through their paces in a live session. These have been very well received.

Three ways to get started

We normally get started in one of three ways:

project is working together to solve a particular problem and achieve breakthroughs in thinking and performance. It is deliberately short term focused and solves an immediate need. It is a very good way to get to know each other and a feel for fit and capabilities (from both sides) while also having a clear tangible outcome that’s based on best thinking.

Usually, a project is bite-size a specific focused outcome in mind. Leadership development is the by-product but not the primary reason for hiring us.

program is enduring and supports leaders over a range of their own projects and work responsibilities and has a longer duration. This may be focused around the projects, or leadership development, or both.

A coaching program is focused on personal development and performance first and specific short-term outcomes second. The work informs the discussion but is the context rather than the primary focus or reason for engagement.

All three are valid ways to engage us. We always aim to deliver both and find it hard to do one without also addressing the other.

This is the reason why most people have some sort of career breakthrough shortly after working with us and is one of the things that sets us apart from other advisors.

New offer – sharpen up during COVID

COVID has highlighted the flight to quality in executive leadership as ranks are thinned and cream is rising to the top.  Many are taking the time to upskill and sharpen focus and we’re happy to be part of that.  

We now have a program for people who want to move forward when they don’t have access to corporate funding. If you’ve always wanted to work with us but not been able to fund a project we’ve now got options for self-funded coaching.

To find out more, just email us or click on the button above and let us know what you’d like to achieve.

Not ready?

Maybe the timing’s wrong or the budget isn’t there. This is okay.

There’s a lot of generalised help around from professional bodies. In house professional development programs are often good too as long as you have clear intent. Tap into them.

If you want to keep an eye on what the leading lights are thinking and doing, you can still do that. We put out a quarterly bulletin to keep you fresh, inspired and alert to what’s happening elsewhere. This is free of charge.

And when you find a situation where it makes sense to use us, let us know.

When you’re ready get in touch

If you are responsible for leading audit, risk or related functions and want to take things to the next level, or be more effective as a leader have a look around the site and drop me an email or click the button below to find out how we can help.

We’ll send you a few questions and then book at time for an initial free session.

While you’re here

  • Did you know that Todd is now available for 1:1 and group coaching sessions via South Australia’s leading women’s development program? You can access Todd through the BCD team here.
  • Are you taking on a new role or getting ready for a move? Our first 90 days series has been the playbook for new chief auditors for more than 10 years and is portable for anyone in governance, risk and compliance leadership roles. It’s free. Find out more here.

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