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The Davies Report Archives

The Davies Report – special pandemic edition – March 2020

Different times call for a different response Welcome to this special edition of The Davies Report. I’m sure you’re being inundated right now with information and offers to help, so we’ve taken care to keep things brief – to help you focus on the most important priorities. Staying oriented and leading effectively During a period of […]

Australian Government Climate Risk Assessment

This week the Australian Commonwealth Government released its Climate Risk Assessment. It considers what might the future look like for Australia if (when) we pass 1.5 degrees. The macro view – whole of country, whole of government, whole of economy The first part of the report will be uncomfortably familiar to anyone who’s worked across […]

Seasons Greetings and 2023 wrap

A quick note from me after another very full year. The year TDA went global For years I’ve made the case for accessing the best talent in the world, and not just in the city in which people are based. This was a call to arms meant for others, but in 2023 people took me […]

What is the difference between coaching and consulting

We often get asked, what’s the difference between a coaching engagement with us and a consulting engagement? Coaching / mentoring A coaching engagement focuses primarily on the individual’s current and future performance. While much of what we talk about discusses the specifics of the role and the work, the ultimate focus is on you. It […]

Our Submission to the IIA Standards Board

IIA ran an unusual process of making all submissions private and not available to the public. A number of thought leaders have made their views public. Here’s ours in full. We’ll be running a ruler over their response in due course. If you’re a more visual person, you can see our LinkedIn Carousel here. Dear […]

What you need to know about the IIA Exposure Draft

IIA’s consultation period on the proposed IIA Standards ends shortly. There’s a lot in it and too much for many to get through. Here’s our quick summary of what’s in it, what’s working and what needs to be done to bring it home. Please use and share if you find it useful. And please do […]

Chat GPT AI meet up

“AI won’t take your job, but someone using it might.” Chat GPT AI meet up It’s hard to open LinkedIn without someone talking about the implications of ChatGPT.  Long-time collaborator Tom McLeod and I have been putting it through its paces since day 6 of the public beta. We’ve had a chance to explore some […]