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Todd Davies, Founder

Todd Davies is on a mission to help Australian companies to develop greater foresight and embrace the future with confidence and optimise their investments, including ensuring that risk and assurance are up to the job.

This has led him to a range of places:

  • As global head of product for KPMG he helped codify and roll out risk-based audit for the first time – worldwide
  • Seeking a case study of what’s possible in Australia he set up and established the audit and risk functions for Fairfax Media Ltd – arguably one of the most progressive and value-added audit functions in Australia of its time
  • As inaugural Technical and Policy Director for the Institute of Internal Auditors set up their best practice unit for Australia’s listed companies
  • Drove significant reforms through the ASX Corporate Governance Council, most notably Principles 4 and 7
  • Helped develop international standards and best practice guidance that sets the basis for much of today’s contemporary practice in Australia and abroad.
  • Co-founded a range of early stage breakthrough companies to seize on and respond to significant emerging risks and opportunities

In 2007 he established Todd Davies & Associates to help Australian companies to achieve peak performance and to showcase this work internationally. He continues to work with many of Australia’s best known companies and to define and implement leading practices in governance, risk and assurance in a thoughtful but highly pragmatic way.

He is also an an experienced transformative director in early-stage companies, and audit and risk committee member and Chairman in a range of industries, currently responsible for oversight for more than A$20b in spend each year.

By straddling the role of technical advisor, best practice researcher, mentor, coach and non-executive, he brings a perspective that is relevant, prescient, contemporary, results-oriented and practical.

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More detailed biography: Todd’s LinkedIn Profile.

Non-executive CV available on request.**

Media Inquiries

Todd Davies has contributed to better practices in risk leadership and assurance for more than 20 years.

Internationally this includes leading KPMG’s global risk-based internal audit methodologies, contributor to global practice guides and advisories for the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), risk oversight guidance by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and contributions to the Director and Chief Risk Officers International (DCRO).

In Australia he has been an author and editorial panel member at Risk Management Today, member of Australia’s governance standards group for listed companies (ASX Corporate Governance Council) and influencer of risk and audit regulation within government in various states and territories. He was recognised as Fellow of both the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Institute of Chartered Accountants for his service and contributions to their respective professions in Australia.

Today chairs audit and risk committees across public education, public health and public transport and works with companies to achieve risk and assurance best practice. 

For media inquires please contact +61 2 9043 1719.