Seasons Greetings and 2023 wrap

A quick note from me after another very full year.

The year TDA went global

For years I’ve made the case for accessing the best talent in the world, and not just in the city in which people are based.

This was a call to arms meant for others, but in 2023 people took me up on this in a big way. With clients in the US and UK our international work now exceeds our work in Australia for the first time. 

During the year we’ve been working alongside executives to redesign their audit planning process, pass their EQAs with gold stars, test first principles on agile, reviewed and set ERM strategy and provided advice on “art and science” on the way through, developed strategic resourcing strategy for audit, run board risk workshops, and are part way through working up the next generation of assurance mapping at an outcomes level.

All this while straddling seven time zones (thanks Rhia for keeping me on track).

Todd's desktop. Many clocks

All of this while chairing 5 audit and risk committees, sitting on another two, and being on two boards, and completing a peak performance program with some of the world’s leaders in this space. Responsible for overseeing $25b+ of annual spend, 150,000+ people and helping people to be the best versions of themselves.


The feedback has been great, but being stretched too thin has meant that I haven’t always been able to give everyone attention that they deserve. This includes writing and staying in touch. So thanks for your patience as I catch my breath.

Clean slate, expect more big things

To deal with this I’ve wound down my board and committee roles to a small number of well-loved and well-deserved favourites to stay grounded with the customer experience of all things audit and risk governance.

My focus for 2024 is on the advisory side of things – helping a small number of companies and leaders seize and respond to the challenges and opportunities of our times.

January is a great period of reflection and setting direction for the coming year.  Like every year you can expect a dot-release on what we’ve been doing previously. It’s too early to say what that might be, but expect it to have a heavy ESG theme in it as I get back to “unfinished business” in that area.

And I’ll be writing a lot of short, sharp pieces over summer to reflect on what I’ve learned this year. It’s a lot! Keep your eyes in your inbox for the usual bumper bulletin in January.

For everyone who’s supported me and the team in whatever way, thank you – and thanks for all you do. You are the reason we keep going with relentless commitment every year.

Happy Christmas and Holiday Season.


January is a great time for a clear head and getting perspective. If you want help getting your strategy set for the coming year, or getting a view on it, please drop me a line. Capacity is limited though, so get in early.