How to hire us

Our business model – on your side always

It is important to us that the client always comes first.

We have deliberately designed our model so that:

  • Todd leads every assignment.
  • We don’t receive commissions from any suppliers.
  • We don’t have staff to keep busy.

And when something is too big for us or requires partners, we’ll help source the right people for the job.

This keeps us honest as it drives us to focus on short, sharp interventions that get a result quickly and generate a happiness quotient for our clients (and great referrals for us).

It also means you can rest assured that we’re conflict free and free of any other agenda.

Blended teams since 2007

Value is delivered because we partner with your team to share everything we know and allow teams to hone their craft through practical application.

Our price point is mid-way between a boutique consultancy and a freelance contractor, giving you the benefit of:

  • The flexibility of a boutique advisory firm
  • Pricing of freelance consultant without the usual minimum of 3 months lock-in.

In effect, we give you a blended team of an experienced coach and advisor, and the cost-effectiveness of your own in-house team, maximising value delivered per $ spent.

How we charge

Typically clients buy our time in one of the following ways:

  • A diagnostic and/or strategy workshop (fixed fee).
  • Bite size interventions and support (fixed fee).
  • Episodic support (purchased in blocks of two days).
  • Programmatic support as a sounding board, coach or mentor during transformative change (fixed fee).
  • Rolling up the sleeves (day rate, minimum of 5 days, charged in half-day blocks).

Bite size = affordable

Generally, we can find options for under $5k, or under $10k that can drive dramatic lifts in performance. Irrespective of circumstance, we can find a solution that fits most budgets. Contact us to find out more.

For short interventions and change projects, we generally aim to deliver an outcome either within a week or 14 days.

Compressed offers

Where possible we aim to find common problems that we can solve for multiple organisations, which enables us to scale and streamline our delivery.

Our Risk Reporting Rebooted, and Audit & Risk Pack offers are examples of this – where we deliver around $20k of value for less than a $5k price point.

These offers normally offered to clients through our Davies Report mailer. (See sign up details in the footer of our site), or contact us for latest offers.