Video series: Risk and governance implications of COVID and beyond w/e 10 April 2020

Different times call for a different response

Week ended 10 April 2020

Thanks for the overwhelming support for the LinkedIn video series that I’ve been doing with Tom McLeod, an experienced Chief Auditor and Chief Risk Officer and long time TDA client. 

Each video is around 4 minutes long and unpacks 3-5 key issues. Each contains 2-3 take aways to help you get clarity and take action.

The week’s LinkedIn Videos are included below. 

I hope you find them useful in working out how to lead during challenging times and as an ongoing resource. If you find them useful please pass them on.

Tuesday 7th April 2020
Where COVID drives enormous opportunities and risks
The Zoom Moment

Key points

  • What is your “Zoom Moment”?
  • How are your customers using your products in a way you didn’t anticipate?
  • What are the risks and opportunities in this? Both short term, and long term.
  • The Queen’s speech was a good example of clear communication.
    • Clarity of messaging.
    • No sugar coating or avoiding the topic.
    • Calm, sober, sincere yet hopeful.
    • Setting the tone and celebrating the behaviour even before it’s happened.

Watch the video here.

Wednesday 8th of April
Tone at the top during a crisis
Leading by example

Key points:

  • In this environment, it is easy to get overwhelmed in terms of what is important and what to focus on.
  • Important from an organisational perspective in terms of determining what information you need to hear and how do you filter effectively.
  • And what is your contribution to the noise / signal ratio?
  • Remember in a crisis everyone is watching the leader for queues on what to do.
  • What are your actions and are they in alignment with what you are saying?

Watch the video here.

Thursday 9th April 2020
Managing risks in a COVID world

If there is one thing that we can all say with certainty in these uncertain times is that COVID’s impact on us all is ever evolving.

A lot’s happened in 5 weeks. In this video, we talk about where we’ve been, where we’re going and Tom throws me a question on black swans. We also talk about the evolution of this video series.

Starting next week we are evolving our consideration of the impact of COVID in a new format.

Each update we will be looking at a specific risk category through the four prisms being:

1. What are the strategic issues of the risk class?

2. Are there any new governance implications that you need to consider or existing implications that you may need to change?

3. How should your manage the risk of the category in a COVID world?

4. What are the assurance implications of the risk?

Watch the video here.

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