Video series: Risk and governance implications of COVID and beyond | Launch video

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Different times require a different response – video launch

On 3/13 I blogged calling for a different approach – right for right now.

Since then we’ve launched, scaled and repurposed a number of things.

The biggest one was the daily LinkedIn video series on the risk and governance implications of coronavirus/COVID 19 which went live on Monday.

It’s been an extraordinary response. As I write this we have delivered 6 short videos which are now approaching 10,000 views.

For speed and reach we’ve been using LinkedIn as the distribution platform. We’ll aim to load the video to the website when we can. If you don’t want to wait, the quickest way is to follow me on LinkedIn.

This is free of charge and not behind a paywall. It is our way of helping people to lead and get out in front in extraordinary times.

Note: Apologies, the first ones are a bit wooden. They get better from Wednesday onwards and are marginally competent by the end of the week.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020
Launch video

Key Points

In times like this, it’s really important that we look out for each other, keep our lines of communication open and share what we know based on the best available information.

It is clear to us that people are operating off vastly information and that good risk responses are evolving on a daily if not hourly basis. We want to share some of what we’re seeing, hearing and thinking to manage risk during the COVID crisis.

Each workday we will aim to provide our thoughts on:

  • The risk and governance implications of the day’s coronavirus related news.
  • The key themes that organisations need to consider
  • Answers to the questions that we have been receiving.

We will also aim for two key takeaways that you can choose to use.

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