From compliance to effective control

In today’s virtual coffee we discussed decision making. “When is a risk done? And can it be put to bed?”

The consensus was that effective control allows you to accept and take on more risk. The converse is also true.

Also during the week, I was reminded of the difference between improvement and compliance. “Improvement is going for a run because you’re motivated. Compliance is going for a run because you have to. You can get to the same place but the experience is very different”.

This led me to summarise a few thoughts in the attached diagram. Which might be helpful for unravelling conversations about #compliance, #control, #quality systems, #improvement, #risk & #assurance.

Streamlining and unjumbling the compliance ecosystem in your organisation.

I’ll be road testing this with clients in the coming weeks. Private message me if you’d like to explore this or streamline your approach.

Weekly virtual coffee

And a quick reminder which is particularly relevant during #RUOK week, I host a virtual coffee every Friday at 2pm AEST. If you’d like to come along and chat in a safe environment to talk all things risk in a COVID world please drop me a line.

As always, take care, stay safe and let’s look out for each other.