Did you get a RSS or Google message from us recently?

Thanks for showing interest in Todd Davies & Associates.

We’ve recently changed web platforms which means that if you’ve ever subscribed to our RSS feed via Google, Feedburner or directly you may have received a message from us in the last few days with a number of our previous bulletins. This is a quick FAQ on why you got it and what to do next.

What’s changed?

TDA used to blog fairly frequently in the early days and would comment when things were newsworthy. Our commentary was syndicated on RSS and tended to be event driven without any set frequency. If you’ve received a message from us this week then you probably subscribed to that format at some point.

These days try to put out one bulletin per quarter, but only if there’s something worth your time. The content aims to be generous with ideas and unique IP and so it is now subscriber-only content. At some point we would have offered to move you across the new format.

Here’s what to do next.

FAQ: I think I’ve already seen this.

If the content already looks familiar then you’re probably already on our distribution list and this feed is a duplicate. Check your inbox and if you’ve received something from us over Summer then you’re all sorted. Feel free to unsubscribe to this edition via whatever platform you’re reading it on now and watch out for the quarterly Davies Report bulletins via email.

FAQ: I don’t think I’m on the distribution for the new shiny version

If you haven’t already seen these via our current shiny platform over email and you’re interested in receiving these in the future, please re-subscribe and you’ll be all set. If in doubt, re-subscribe and we’ll sort out any duplication.

FAQ: I don’t want this

No problem. Thanks for the interest in the past. Please feel free to unsubscribe via whatever channel you are reading this on.

Before you do though, if there’s someone leading governance, risk or assurance in your organisation who might benefit, please feel free to pass this on. They might find it useful.

FAQ: What is TDA up to these days?

Our Davies Report bulletins give a good summary of what we’ve been up to so if you’re interested this is the best way to catch up quickly.

Our website will also be updated in the coming months and contains plenty of ideas on how we can help. Many have probably progressed significantly since you last looked, so I’d be grateful if you’d take the time to give the new site a quick scan and let us know your thoughts.

Need a hand taking things to the next level?

If you’re leading audit and risk in your organisation and you’d like some help taking things to the next level we can help. Please get in touch. Or just drop us a line to say hi here.

2020 is going to be a massive year. Glad that you’re part of it.

Go well,