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COVID 19 Update - Communications channels are online

In times like this it’s really important that we keep the lines of communication open.

We’ve tested and hardened our remote communications support, collaboration and booking options and opened additional options.  Remote collaboration has been our primary delivery mode since 2011. If you need remote collaboration we can support you, including walking you through initial set up to make sure it’s an easy experience for you. See our recent service update for details.

Book a time to talk

In times like this it’s important to keep communication lines open. As a result we’re experiencing intense demand for our time and inbound messaging via various media forms. This makes it hard to triage and respond as quickly as we’d like.

We’ve opened up our Calendly service to book a 15 minute call with Todd and bypass the normal back and forth. This is long proven to be the fastest, best and easiest way to book a slot. Please use the button on the bottom right of this website or use this link. Alternatively Rhia can also help find a time. She can be contacted on 02 9043 1719.

For non urgent matters please email us or contact us using the form below.

Looking forward to supporting you during these most challenging times.  We’re here to help.