Coffee and kinship solve everything.

Beans cropped

In this always-on mode, it’s nice to have a safe space where we can regroup and recharge with people in similar circumstances. 

In this week’s meet up some of us shared our “off-camera” environments.

It was nice to see chickens walking past the door, laptops precariously perched on boxes and people’s homes from around the world.

This is was special treat that would never have happened pre-COVID.

We discussed:

  • ERM centres of excellence,
  • interim executive roles,
  • being roughly right vs precisely wrong,
  • risk gobbledygook,
  • when a risk is done,
  • unifying frameworks,
  • foresight,
  • stolen neighbourhood signs, and
  • what Arthur Murray has to do with good risk management.  

We also discussed how spontaneous phone calls had been replaced by scheduled meetings.

Key takeaway: If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, now’s a great time to reach out.

A fun session as always. Never a shortage of things to talk about.

If you have lost your third space and want somewhere to talk shop outside your normal bubble, that’s what these sessions are for.

Every Friday: 2pm Australian Eastern time – even during football finals.

Message me for details.

As always, take care, stay safe and let’s look out for each other.