Doing More with Less

In this month’s piece, we shift from our usual focus on risk and assurance effectiveness, to risk and assurance efficiency.  In other words, how to do more with less. ** Snapshot  Budget uncertainty and cost pressures remain widespread and are driving four common responses: 1. Cost cutting2. Defending existing budgets 3. Reshaping the audit program […]

End of year wrap

2011 was an amazing year for us and for our clients as we helped them get the most out of their risk and assurance functions. We gave advice to leading companies on their governance practices. We helped them make the case for an approach to integrated assurance. We saw through a category strategy for internal […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Why internal audit practice always lags and GRC snakeoil salesmen are alive and well  I turned 40 recently. And my work is making me feel old.  You see I’ve become that guy who says things like “back in the mid-90’s when we were rolling out CSA, we used to produce these great assurance maps…” or […]