Privacy Policy

Our intent 

Privacy is important and we hate spam as much as you do.  Probably more.

We realise that communications are growing exponentially and you want to keep things focused and your information secure.  We are committed to honouring this.

We are also committed to treating the personal information we collect in accordance with the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Australia).   

What we collect

We hold contact information as shared by you with us.  From time to time we may augment this with publicly available information or tagging to help us understand better how we might be able to help you and reduce unecessary communications. 

This information is held in well respected commercially secure contact management systems.  No third parties may access this data.

Client information is held securely and confidentially as per the engagement letters or contracts relevant to each engagement.

Our commitments to you

We make the following commitments to you.

  1. We communicate infrequently with our subscribers and try and keep our information as targeted and relevant as possible. 
  2. We will never include you in a mailing list without your express consent. 
  3. We will always make opting out of communications from us as easy as possible with a single click. 
  4. We will never share your information without your express consent.

International subscribers

Please note that we are a small organisation domiciled in Australia.  While Australian laws are consistent with best practice and GDPR standards there are differences in every country’s laws which are not practical to assess or comply with in full for an organisation of our size.   

We receive a large volume of international inquiries and sourcing of our literature, which puts us in the situation of either accepting some risk or closing the site down for non-Australian customers.  This would be a shame.

Rather than closing down the ability of international subscribers to access our works, we ask that you respect this situation and the risk we carry by providing access outside of Australia.  As such, we ask that you consider kindly and let us know if anything doesn’t meet your expectations.