The first 90 days for the new Chief Audit Executive

During your first 90 days as a new Chief Audit Executive there will be many moments of truth for your function’s brand and for you personally. 

It is a time to be firm in conviction and in purpose, while also building consensus.

Today’s Chief Assurance Executives (also known as Chief Audit Officers, CAEs or Heads of Internal Audit) must be able to hold their own with Australia’s leading directors and executives.

They must be able to partner with the CEO and CFO while also holding them to account and build bridges with them and the business at the same time.

The first 90 days often makes the difference between a CAE being successful or not.

How we can help

Leading CAEs recognise that they sometimes need a coach or trusted advisor who is outside their network of peers, stakeholders, team and suppliers. Someone who is on their side.

Organisations tend to engage us in one of the following circumstances:
  • Support during CAE recruitment, guidance and preparation for the first 90 days

  • They want a sounding board who is familiar with leading practices and has no hidden agenda

  • They want to do something innovative, out of the box

  • They want a quick and/or cost effective result

  • They don't have the bandwidth to drive their change agenda personally

Free white paper

To find out more about strategies to help you to lead the audit function and on how we can help, download our free white paper - The first 90 days for the new Chief Audit Executive (registration required), contact us for an obligation free meeting.