Leading Practices in Risk, Audit & Assurance

Environmental Policy

TDA is committed to keeping its environmental footprint as low as possible and has been committed to the following practices for many years:
  • We actively support videoconferencing and remote collaboration as an alternative to flying
  • All airfares are offset at the time of purchase using that airline's offset arrangements
  • Where public transport by train is available this is our preferred mode of transport
  • We choose highly efficient vehicles for local transportation
  • We operate a paperless environment where possible and have nearly eliminated the need for printing within our business
  • We actively seek out and activate values-aligned clients, including emerging leaders who are effecting change within traditional companies and further afield.
Todd has been involved in a range of sustainability endeavours for many years including environmental conservation carbon markets.  From 2010 to 2016 Todd gave the Australian Conservation Foundation around 40 days per annum on a pro-bono basis as a director and volunteer.

Todd is a big fan of public transport, and rail in particular.  He is a member of the Audit and Risk Committee of Sydney Trains and can be regularly found on trains and light rail in various locations around Australia. He is also actively involved in environmental and social projects whenever possible.