Audit Committee advisory services

Audit committee best practice is constantly evolving as are the demands on them and what they can and should expect from the functions that support them. 

A constant vigilance is needed to keep the audit committee and its support functions working effectively. 

Audit and risk committee chairs bring TDA in when they have concerns about their assurance and risk functions, and to provide advice on specific issues and help them identify solutions.

We work with Audit Committee Chairs formally and informally to understand the root causes, identify the most pragmatic solutions and if required assist with implementation. 

Why TDA?

Todd Davies has worked with and been mentored by some of Australia’s leading non-executive directors and audit committee members as a member of and reporting to various high profile audit and risk committees and their chairmen.  He has a strong sense of what’s required and what’s practical.

Todd works as an independent audit, risk and/or governance committee member in a range of different organisations: Australian Conservation FoundationCancer Institute of NSW, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, South East Sydney Local Health District, State Emergency Service of NSW and Wollongong City Council.
    He has previously been a Member of the ASX Corporate Governance Council with specific focus on the development of audit and risk principles and guidance, and served on a number of private sector, public sector and not-for-profit boards.

    With Assets Under Governance of $8.5 billion and annual Budget Under Governance of $6 billion ranging from the small to the large, Todd can give practical insights on what is required to make your Committees sing.

    Let us support you

    If you are the chairman of an audit committee and want to get the most our of your audit and risk functions, or are frustrated by what you are getting out of those functions, call or email us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

    Stay up to date

    If you are an independent member of an audit, risk or compliance committee, and would like to develop a broader support network and stay up to date, please join the Audit Committee Network discussion group on LinkedIn which we have set up specifically for this purpose.  (Please note you must be a member of an audit, risk or compliance committee to join). 

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