GRC Solutions and Software Selection

Today's range of governance, risk and compliance software solutions is almost limitless.

Unless you are a highly experienced and sophisticated buyer with a track record in software selection and recent experience in this space, your chances of making a poor selection are high.

Getting it right

We can help you to:
  • Understand the different possibilities in this space (i.e. continuous control monitoring, computer-assisted audit techniques, audit follow-up, data mining, control self-assessment, SOX compliance, risk assessment, legislative compliance, policy compliance, legislative training and integrated solutions)

  • Be very clear on what your specific needs are, including developing your strategy for enterprise governance

  • Determine whether you require a generalised or niche solution

  • Understand what the most cost-effective solutions are

  • Be clear on which solutions have the strongest support base and longevity

  • Decide when to build, buy or customise

  • Advise on design and customisation parameters and process

  • Negotiate the right price and support arrangements.

Why TDA?

TDA understands the GRC market.    

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of different providers and can guide you through the selection and development process and we are not vendor aligned.

We also have access to one of the world's leading GRC analysts to ensure that we are not only accessing the leading thinking and analysis in this space domestically, but globally as well.

For more information, contact us.    

Further reading

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