Meet our expert panel

TDA is supported by some of the leading minds in risk strategy and assurance globally.


Todd Davies, audit and risk innovation

Todd is a respected commentator and innovator on risk, governance and assurance matters and has led developments in these areas internationally.

His executive career has included roles as head of policy and technical of the Institute of Internal Auditors, head of audit & risk of Fairfax Media, global head of R&D internal audit for one of the big 4 accounting firms and as the IIA’s representative on the ASX Corporate Governance Council. He specialises in leading practice in internal audit and emerging material business risk. Click the link above for more details.

Michael Fogel, risk strategy

A strategist by background, Mike and Todd worked together to redefine how internal audit is delivered by the Big 4 globally and set the practices that are today's industry standard. 

Mike also was responsible for big 4 methodologies which taught external auditors to understand business risk as well as the Big 4's first enterprise risk management frameworks and methodologies.  We work with Mike when we want to operationalise leading thinking in risk strategy and risk assurance.


Larry Quick, emerging and strategic risk

Larry is the founder of Resilient Futures. He is an experienced strategist with an uncanny ability to help others foresee structural changes and emerging strategic risks.

We work with Larry to make sure our thinking is ahead of the curve, and when we want 10+ year foresight on emerging conditions and strategic risk.  We also work closely with Larry on risk foresight and strategic risk capability, particularly through our collaborations with Resilient Futures - a firm that helps develop and embed strategic capability in organisations to prosper during disruptive change.


Tim Leech (Risk Oversight, Canada), coordinated assurance and risk governance

Tim Leech is one of the leading thinkers in risk assurance globally.  Tim was one of the original founders of control self assessment and continues to be prolific in changing the way that most people think about risk and assurance globally. 

We work with Tim when we really want to shake up people’s thinking about what’s possible in these areas and understand leading practices around the world.


Michael Rasmussen, GRC Systems

Michael is recognised as one of the leading analysts in GRC systems globally and was the first analyst to coin the term "GRC". 

We work with Michael when we want to understand international developments in this space and to ensure that our clients have access to the leading global thinking.

Extended Roster

At any time we have an extended team of former chief audit executives and audit and risk executives working with us.  Contact us to find out who is currently on our roster.