CAE Coaching and Mentoring

TDA works as a sounding board for many of Australia's leading Chief Audit Executives and rising stars. We work with them to:
  • Refine their goals within the organisation and more broadly

  • Chart a course for success in the short, medium and longer term

  • Prioritise quick wins and longer term opportunities

  • Act as a sounding board during implementation.


We use a combination of formal and informal coaching, mentoring and advisory roles.

By working on real projects and real life examples in their role and seeing them through, we help make sure that the teams we work with gain practical hands-on experience.

Working through real-life challenges helps them to become stronger and more capable executives as a result. 

Without exception, the by-product is high performance and transformation within their audit function.

CAE of the future / coaching and mentoring for rising stars

Leading CAEs that there often is a large experience gap between the head of internal audit and their direct reports.


This is often not deliberate, but is a result of different skillsets required to execute the plan and to lead the function

The skills and experiences for today’s leading CAEs are hard to come by, which can result in a glass ceiling, and a chasm for succession planning.


TDA puts external support around your rising stars.  We typically get involved when:
  • One of your rising stars is in their first CAE role and you want to make sure they’ve got a sounding board to help them through the process as they make their mark

  • One of the deputies is ready to take the next step and they could use advice from someone who’s ‘been there, done that, but isn’t my boss’

  • You want to accelerate a high-potential team member by giving them access to different  perspectives
Having TDA as backup allows rising stars to test ideas, innovate and take risks in a calculated way – with the experience behind them to help them spot the defining moments along the way, and navigate these for best outcomes.  

An example of what we do - the Audit Committee chat

Before meeting with their Audit Committee Chair and presenting to the Audit Committee, some CAEs will have a trial run with Todd.

Todd will run through their pack, stress test it and ask the difficult questions ahead of the meeting as part of their preparation.  He’ll also give advice on what the audit committee members are probably thinking about, and what their angle is on the papers presented, as well as what they need to cover off from a board perspective in addition to their specific audit committee remit.

Briefing and debriefing afterwards also allows discussion of some of the subtle cues given by the directors, and for the young CAE to handle themselves in a manner far beyond their years.


Not just for rising stars

Some of Australia's most experienced and leading CAEs use us as a sounding board when dealing with difficult, complex or unusual issues. This can be as an informal sounding board, or as structured advice.  For a overview of our process and a free trial session, contact us on (02) 9043 1719.